What Are The Most Common Roof Repair Problems?

What Are The Most Common Roof Repair Problems?

The famous saying goes, what you don’t know wont hurt you; however, when it relates to common roof repair problems, what you dont know can surely hurt you. If you have owned your house for quite a long time, its most likely that you have experienced some form of roof problems during that length of time.

A damaged roof can be very expensive not only to fix, but to repair any damages that the failed roofing has caused to the structure of your house as well. You may not even be aware of the roof repair that needs to take place, until to you see signs of damage inside of your house. Therefore, it is very essential that you check your roof regularly for any damages, in order to save yourself from spending so much money on roof repairs.

The most common roof repair problem is leaking. Once your roof has been overly saturated by water, there is the potential of the roof leaking. Since the roof is what protects items inside your home from outside elements, once the roofs starts to collect moisture or starts to leak, items inside your home will most likely get damaged. This common roof repair problem is primarily caused by faulty flashing. Faulty flashing is as a result if improper installation; therefore, your roof needs to be inspected on a regular basis whether it is old, or whether it is new. Be sure to check the top of your roof and also under it (this can be done from the attic), to see if you need to do any roof repairs. Inspecting your roof regularly will also save you a lot of money on repairs.

Your roof can get damaged regardless if you use roofing materials such as tiles, slates or shingles. Nature is also a common cause of roof repair problems. Weather elements such as the wind can cause shingles to become loose and even fall off. If your roof is made from slates or tiles, then hail can severely damage these types of roofs. The real roof repair problem happens during the time of the ice thaws and ice dams form. Ice dams can be especially damaging to your roof.

A great roof repair tip that can prevent shingles or shakes from pulling up, and that can also prevent mildew or mould, is to cut away all tree limbs that rest against your roof. Tree limbs that rest against your roof is also a way for various animals to gain access to your roof, and they too can cause roof repair problems.

It is important to check your roof a few times per year for any roof repair problems. Additionally, after a storm call a professional roofing service to have your roof properly inspected for any damages.


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