What Are The Most Common Roof Problems?

What Are The Most Common Roof Problems?

I have always said that the roof is, being our guardian from the elements of weather, the most significant part of the house. A leaky roof is obviously a bad thing. It is also an indication that one or more of a range of problems could have hit your roof. Some are described below.

While some roof troubles are caused by wear and tear, most premature ones can be attributed to bad workmanship. First and the foremost is badly installed flashing or worn out flashing. Flashing is present around pipes and ductwork that goes through the roof. So bad flashing work can lead to rainwater seepage.

Bad flashing has multiple consequences. Because it is also installed at all joints and angles of the roof, poorly set up flashing will make the roof more vulnerable to blow-off, billowing, tenting and a generally reduced wind-uplift resistance. This can be disastrous in the event of very strong winds and storms.

If you have a single-ply membrane roof and it is leaking, odds are it has been installed with poor seams. Seaming should be done with a good adhesive or by heat welding. Any gaps in the seam will obviously let water in. Bad adhesion happens when the system isn’t cleaned, dried and primed properly before using an adhesive.

Before metal strips are heat welded during seaming, they should be ‘relaxed’, i.e. subjected to temperature treatment so that the metal doesn’t wrinkle or get blistered after installation. This may happen because metals undergo thermal expansion and contraction.

When roofs are not pitched with the right amount of slope, or if the surface of a flat roof is not even, water-ponding will occur. You also need to have draining systems in your roof to get rid of water. This water can cause wear and tear and also leak through any small punctures.

If you’ve found fissures and cracks on your roof’s tiles, use tile epoxy to fix them or replace these and put new ones if some seem to have disappeared. Not doing this will expose your roof to more serious damage.

While a well-installed roof shouldn’t cause any problems, it is important to maintain a roof well. A roof should be examined from the outside as well as the inside of your attic at least twice a year. Check if the timber supporting your roof is fine and ensure the surface of the roof is always clean and dry.


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