What Are The Metal Roofing Options?

What Are The Metal Roofing Options?

There are many reasons why roofing contractors recommend metal roofing installation to most of their clients; there are many tangible benefits that include features such as the ease of installation, lightweight, affordability, durability in addition to fire and heat resistance. The other thing that most people may not have realized is that metal roofing installation is available in a number of styles, designs and colors; all these feature combine to make metal roofing the number one choice among roofing companies as well as forward-looking homeowners. For those who are considering metal roofing installation there are at least three different types of metal roofing options that one can actually choose from with each coming with a unique design patterns and style of installation.

Corrugated metal roof: For this type of metal roofing installation, roofing companies use panels of corrugated metal. While this type is mostly used by commercial roofing contractors who do commercial buildings and institutions, there are a number of innovations that have been introduced in the production of the panels giving them appealing aesthetic appearances making them good enough for apartment roofing.

Standing seam panel: This is a variety of metal roofing that uses flat metal sheets such as aluminum, copper or stainless steel and there are joined using a raised seam after which the joints will be locked together to create what becomes a powerful watertight seal. Your roofing contractor uses metal sheets that are roll formed before they are cut into size and ready for installation.

Metal shingles: Metal shingle roofing installation uses shingles that are molded to resemble the typical asphalt shingles or any other different material of choice. In most cases the shingles are designed to resemble ceramic shingles, slate, cedar, wood or composition shingles. This type of metal roofing installation can also be painted or embossed to suit your design preferences.

One of the leading advantages of metal roofing installation that is oft ignored is the fact that it is an extremely low maintenance roofing material that can last your entire lifetime and beyond. This is the reason why many roofing contractors will be more than willing to give you a lifetime guarantee in addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee. As long as you get a reputable roofing contractor that will do a perfect job, perhaps the only form of maintenance that it will ever require is the removal of debris from it surface.

Don’t be misled by the term metal roofing installation to think it is a heavy substance; nothing could be further from the truth. Metal roofing installation uses materials that are much lighter than many other roofing materials in the market. Because of it slight weight; you can choose to lay it over the already existing roof instead of going through the process of removing the old roof.


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