The Right Commercial Roofing Experts Help Owners Reduce Repair Costs

The Right Commercial Roofing Experts Help Owners Reduce Repair Costs

Roof seepage in a home or business can be due to multiple reasons besides either a hole or damaged shingles. Commercial roofing professionals evaluate various portions of a structure to determine the source, and begin this process by inspecting a covering from the outside. This initial look over allows them to determine any obvious reasons for a seepage problem such as torn up or missing shingles. Skylights, vents, and holes are additional areas where water sometimes makes its way into a building. The attic is the next course of action once the overall condition of an outside covering has been investigated.

A thorough check of frequently seen trouble areas, along with any specifically noted items from the ground evaluation are checked in the attic to determine the source. Noticed damage on the ceiling or walls is often assumed a direct result of a hole; however, water is capable of slowly making its way down to the ceiling after running across the roof decks underside. A leaky roof, if left unchecked, will harm the internal building structure and finding the source immediately for repair will help in avoiding any major damage.

Scenarios that cause a Leaky Roof

The detection of a leaky roof is a methodological process that starts with a basic outside overview and progresses to the attic for checking every possible entry point. These are the most common areas for a known leak:

Plumbing Infiltrations
Damaged Shingles
Missing Materials

These common leak locations surprise an owner because they are not easily noticeable, and are typically forgotten unless a problem presents itself. A routine yearly inspection can prevent all of the above issues from occurring; however, many owners tend to neglect the roof until something goes terribly wrong. A commercial roofing professional inspects the above specific items during routine maintenance visits and any time after a leak has been made known.

Plumbing pipes or vents coming out of a structural covering are a normal location for water seepage to occur. Vent pipes, attic vents, fan ducts, and exhaust flues are a few examples of the plumbing elements coming through the covering of a structure. Rubber boots or flashing around these pipes become cracked and worn, consequently allowing water to enter. Any area where flashing, a thin metal strip or fitting, has been used becomes a focal point for damage as time progresses. Routine maintenance on these two areas drastically reduces the chance of a leaky roof. Skylights and chimneys are the next two widespread causes for a seepage problem in a home or business. A skylight easily leaks at the bottom of its downhill slant without the right maintenance. Chimneys create a large hole in the covering that must be properly sealed.

Over time the sealant material around this section weakens or ends up missing altogether, thus causing seepage complications. A commercial roofing specialist has the knowledge to quickly evaluate these areas and resolve the problem. Owners not currently experiencing these issues have the option of scheduling yearly covering maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future.

A leaky roof is not only financially draining when left unattended, but also a stressful experience. Commercial roofing experts are a beneficial resource for alleviating a seepage issue.


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