Roof Installation – Is Now the Time?



Roof Installation – Is Now the Time?

Roof installation is an important investment in your home. However, don’t make it too quickly. Find out when you need a new roof and when repairs are enough.

Roof installation is one of most complex decisions a homeowner has to make. The reasons for investing in a new roof are often more significant than what many suspect. As a homeowner, you should not wait until your roofing system has substantial leaks in it to replace it. More so, most systems can last for a decade or more without needing any repair. Knowing when to make the decision to replace the system is a big one. The good news is there is help to guide your decision.

Install a New One?

Before you decide to install a new system, determine the overall condition of the existing structure. There are some instances in which replacement or at least repair is a good idea.

• If there are missing shingles or a significant number of loose shingles, replacement might be necessary.

• Holes or cracks that allow water to enter the home often indicate a significant problem.

• Damage to the underlying structure that makes it no longer safe may also warrant a new roof installation.

There are other instances when a new roof may be important, too, especially when there is structural damage. However, this is not always the case. There are times when minor repairs can work just fine. For example, if you have a few missing shingles or just need to caulk the system’s edges to prevent leaks, repairs are often the route to take. Nevertheless, it is important to get an expert’s opinion before you make any decision to repair or replace.

Getting a Professional’s Opinion

Numerous steps are available for you to learn if a roof installation is right for you. For those who are handy do it yourselfers, getting up there and looking at the system is all it will take. However, most people will benefit from having a professional install conduct a thorough inspection of the system. The professional will look at things such as the condition of the outer and underlayment, the overall condition of the structure and the age of the system. The age and overall wear on the system can often provide enough information regarding the need to replace the system or not.

It is always a good idea for individuals to have a total inspection prior to making the decision to install a new system. However, roof installation does not have to be as expensive to manage. With the right professionals to do the job, it can be easy to learn if you need a new roofing system. Then, these professionals can also help you to determine the right type of material to use. It is all of these things combined that add up to contribute to an effective installation of a new roof on any home structure.


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