Protect Your Roof From Damage

Protect Your Roof From Damage

Roof damage can range from rust and small rainwater leaks to holes caused by ice dams. It is a serious problem because it leaves your house much more vulnerable to the effects of the elements. The good news is that you can take effective and affordable measures for protection. Check out the best ones and apply them timely.

1. Run Frequent Comprehensive Checks

If you live in an area with a cold winters and frequent summer storms, you should run full inspection in the spring and in the fall. If you live in a place where hurricanes are common, you should do it before the hurricane season comes.

When you get up, watch out for damaged, curling or missing. Inspect the metal sections and components for rust. Pay close attention for fungus and algae growths. These are usually small spots whose color ranges from grey to green. Don’t forget to check the flashing too. It should be completely solid. Check the mortar and/or caulking for cracks.

If you notice even the tiniest of problems, opt for roof repair right away. The sooner you act, the better protected you will be. This will also help you save money.

2. Trim Tall Trees Regularly

If you don’t do this, branches can be broken during a storm or heavy snowfall and cause substantial damage to your roof. You will benefit from working with a specialist who can trip the trees to be safe and look great at the same time. In general, you should not have trees too close to your house. When you decide to plant new ones, choose species which can withstand heavy winds and snow.

3. Keep the Gutters Clean

Cleaning the gutters once or twice a year is sufficient in most cases, but you may have to do it more often, if you live in a place with lots of tall vegetation. An alternative solution is to install gutter guards. Consider models which are resistant to damage and have openings which allow rainwater to flow from the roof to the gutters at a high rate. The sloped protectors work better for keeping leaves and other debris off the gutters compared to the flat ones.

4. Install Reliable Attic Insulation

This measure, along with timely roof repairs, is intended to minimize the risk of ice dams. They are formed when the snow on the roof is melted by the heat coming out of the attic. Good-quality insulation will keep the heat inside the house, thus protecting the roof from damage and will make your rooms warmer and your energy bill down.

The most popular types of attic insulation are loose fill and batts. The choice between the two depends on the structure of your attic and roof. When it comes to the material itself, it should have high R-value and be highly resistant to water damage and mold. It makes sense to invest more in better-quality insulation which you will be able to keep for a long time to come.

With proper maintenance, your roof will be in great shape and require repair much less often than usual.


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