Four Common Materials for Roof Installation

Four Common Materials for Roof Installation

Whether you are renovating your home or working on an investment property, roof installation or replacement is something that you will inevitably have to encounter. Over time, the damage inflicted by ice, high winds, water, and the sun are immeasurable. Choosing a licensed, certified, and insured roof installation company is key to keeping your property in good hands.

1. Asphalt
Most companies offer warranties for shingled asphalt that are good for 10 to 25 years. Some companies that manufacture asphalt shingles can even guarantee a 15- to 30-year life span. Of course, this depends on the climate of the region where the property is located. Southern homeowners are more likely to have to replace their asphalt shingles sooner than homeowners in a cooler climate. Sudden spikes in temperature can be most damaging in the warmer regions, but ice dams can form in the colder climates causing already-existing cracks and fissures to expand. Ice dams form as water collects over the eaves of a house and can cause leakage under the shingles and into the walls as the water thaws. These factors can significantly increase the need for shingle replacement, and although the companies that manufacture asphalt shingles can provide warranties, they may be null and void if the company finds that the repairs were done incorrectly. That is why it is important to find a licensed, certified professional to perform roof installation and repairs. Warranties can also be transferred to the new owner if a property is changing hands.

2. Slate
Homeowners are drawn to slate tile because of its variety of colors and sizes, long 20- to 30-year life span, fire-resistant properties and the fact that it is the least damaging to the environment. However, they are less durable, and it can be difficult to find matching slate tile for a replacement due to the variety of styles and colors.

3. Metal
Metal is another fire-resistant option and can protect your home from hurricane-level winds between 110 and 160 mph. They are also best in protecting against ice, water, and ice dams. Their manufacturer warranties are good for 30 to 50 years. Metal roof installation should only be done by specialists since it involves specific skill sets, tools, and training that regular general contractors lack. They can also be very expensive compared to asphalt and slate shingles depending on the type of metal used.

4. Flat
The least expensive roof installation material is the flat option, but it does have its disadvantages. While they are more accessible than the typical sloped covering making repairs less expensive, drainage can become an issue. Water tends to collect in puddles, which can cause the rolled covering material to deteriorate even faster than its already-low 10- to 15-year life span.

Whether you choose flat, asphalt, slate, or metal, the choice should complement the architectural aesthetic of the property. Having one’s warranties in order is sure to create a better peace of mind for the current and future property owners.


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